A very important French Louis XV period bronze and cut glass eight light chandelier. Mid 18th century. An open cage frame issuing sixteen S-scrolled branches, eight with floral shaped drip-pans and candleholders which are made of two
moulded half-pieces and fused into one whole cup, traces of this fusion are still visible and a clear indication of an original 18th c piece ,and eight further branches with an ornament 'poignards '.

All the branches are hung with cut glass ( Verre de Bohème ) pendants in various sizes in eighteen century cuttings. The frame of the cage and the all the branches are connected with the central receiver plate, marked both with corresponding numbering points . The central stem is covered by several glass elements and with on top the crown. The crown consists of eight branches also hung with cut glass pendants and on the cage are placed four more 'poignards'.
As finial is used a big faceted crystal ball.

The cage-form chandeliers are the most classical design during the rococo period . Different variations can be found in France, Italy, Baltic , Southern Germany and Bohemian fixtures.
The French cage chandeliers are one of the most refined and desired ones. Magnificent examples can be found in Chateau Versailles , Musee Carnavalet, Mobilier National and multiple other famous Chateaux of France with Baroque / Rococo interiors.

Literature :K.Klappenbach. Kronleuchter. Mit Behang aus Bergkristall und Glas sowie Glasarmkronleuchter bis 1810
Akademie Verlag , Berlin 2001


Height.                                 150 cm

Diameter.                              80 cm

Origin.                                  France

Period / style.                      Louis XV period

Date.                                    ~1750

Frame.                                  Cage

Materials.                             Bronze, glass 'verre de Bohème'

Refencenumber.                 MC013377

Price.                                   On reguest