Litrature about chandeliers

Unfortunately there are not so many publications edited about chandeliers and historic lighting  in contrast with clocks, furniture, ceramics etc..

I often asked my self why...?

In fact the ( crystal )-chandelier was such an important objet d'art, not only for their practical use but maybe equally for their splendour in the rooms as an important status symbol - a very valuable object made by excellent craftsman. The enormous variety in materials which were used to create these frames since centuries, like, wood, ivory, amber, iron, gilded bronze, silver or glass... In the early 17th century they started to add drops en pendants in Rock crystals and later also with ( Bohemian ) - glass and lead crystal.

In my opinion there is still so many to study about these fascinating and important objets d'art, their inventors, designers and makers,  and therefore I would like to present and recommend a list of some books which will certainly give you after reading them much more knowledge about chandeliers.

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