Pascal Mestrom

Inventions by Pascal Mestrom are three-dimensional sculptures, always recognizable by the signature style of Pascal. At the same time, each and every Invention is unique because of its own story. That story is created by the many different pieces and materials that are brought together in the Inventions. Elements from different styles, different centuries and different parts of the world.

The Inventions are constructed from authentic historical glass and metal parts from chandeliers from the 17th – 20th century, joined together by a contemporary mechanical joint and structure. Resulting in a contemporary tribute to all the fantastic craftsmen who made the chandelier parts throughout history. Equally important in the work of Pascal is the development of a-symmetrical compositions, use of more color, combination of materials and new attachments of hanging parts.

Pascal Mestrom (1972) lives and works in Maastricht where he graduated in 1996 from the Academy of Fine Arts. To further develop his knowledge and skills, he followed several masterclasses in France and England. Since 1999 he became a dealer in arts and antiques and from 2004 onwards he specialized in fine antique chandeliers including restoration and research. Since 2019 Pascal started to build his own, new sculptures named ‘Inventions’. A creative follow-up, a symbiosis, of his artistic education and professional activities as a ‘lustrier’.

Invention No. 021

TV Show BinnensteBuiten

On the 8th of December 2022 Pascal appeared in the Dutch TV show called BinnensteBuiten.

You can watch the full item about Pascal here.

Article in Elsevier Magazine

The Dutch Elsevier Magazine interviewed two clients of Pascal. They commissioned a custom made Invention for their beautiful house in Maastricht, and tell about the process and result in the interview.


The article is featured in the third issue of Elsevier of 2023 (21st January). 

Exhibition Gallery Xavier Delesalle

From September 7th up until September 16th 2023, Inventions by Pascal Mestrom will be exhibited at Gallery Xavier Delesalle, Rue des Saints Pères 18 in Paris. 

Pascal Mestrom

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